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How it Works

One a project has been assessed and deemed viable and an agreement has been signedc, our team of experts will guide the project through the complex regulatory process which comprises of initial assessments, full project documentation, monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas reductions, and finally certification. 

We operate within the framework of the CDM - The Clean Development Mechanism - which was created by the Kyoto Protocol with the objective of achieving emission reduction through the financing of sustainable technology in developing nations; the necessary funding being facilitated by investors trading the carbon reductions achieved. 

CERs, or Certified Emission Reductions, are carbon credits generated by CDM projects which have completed the registration process. Each CER represents the abatement of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent. CERs can only be issued and sold after independent validation that the emission reductions claimed for have successfully been achieved. There is also a strict verification process in place for ongoing monitoring of the project. 

Not only satisfied with reducing emissions, at Egluro we care about the sustainability of our projects. By opting to choose an ethical project, such as the installation of improved energy efficient stoves, we are able to greatly reduce carbon emissions whilst improving conditions for the people living in the project area. At EGLURO we are proud of the many positive benefits that our projects are able to achieve and believe that by introducing responsible and principled ideas we can lead the way for a cleaner, fairer world.

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