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EGLURO has unrivalled experience working in the field of improved cooking stove carbon abatement projects. We planned, financed, and successfully implemented Nepal's first ICS project to deliver verified emission reductions and we are currently expanding the scheme into other regions. 

Having funded research work on ISC technology, we have now developed a new stove which promises to deliver even greater efficiency to users. This improved efficiency is of upmost importance to the fight against climate change when you consider that an estimated 2 billion people worldwide rely on biomass for cooking their staple food. By rapidly delivering these ICS projects EGLURO can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created every day. 

Our key objective when planning each emission reduction project is to maximize the social and environmental benefits to the citizens involved, and we believe that a gold standard improved cooking stove project is the best way to do this. Aside from the obvious benefits that the significant reduction of carbon emissions will have on the environment, less considered gains, such as slowed deforestation through lower consumption of fuel-wood, will also be achieved by the program. 

The social advantages of the improved cooking stove project include the substantial developments the stoves have have on the general health and living standards fo the Nepali people. By drastically cutting indoor pollution we are able to minimize the risk of respiratory disease, particularly amongst infants and the elderly. Meanwhile the creation of employment opportunities will improve the quality of life for those working with EGLURO. To further ensure that the very best is achieved for the local people, as part of our employment strategy we aim for 50% of the workforce to be the local women who often experience very limited employment opportunities. 

At EGLURO we understand that a carbon abatement project can be an intrusion in the area where it is located and we passionately believe that this intrusion should be a positive one. By involving local stakeholders and considering the needs of the local people we can fully involve the community to ensure the maximum benefits are made available to them. 

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